First working group meeting was held on 17 February 2020 in Zagreb, at the premises of WP5 lead partner P4-Mechanical Engineering School Faust Vrančić. Aim of this WP is to define content and structure of the joint curriculum for mechanical engineering technician based on developed guidelines.

The objectives of this meeting were to:

  • Review the completed activities of previous WP4
  • Introduce the WP5 Development of Joint Vocational Curricula and deliverable 5.1. Guidelines for the Development of Joint Curriculum
  • Compare and discuss the regulation and description of curriculum in both countries
  • Discuss the main elements of the guidelines
  • Agree on common goals
  • Establish a dynamic of group work – distribution of tasks, dates of other meeting

At the meeting, partners-schools held presentations on the structure of the existing curricula for mechanical engineering technician – specific modules, subjects and credits/number of hours, documents which regulate the development of curricula and the autonomy of the school to change, develop and implement new modules. Possibilities of not only cooperation in the development and incorporation of new modules and contents in the curricula, but also on establishing modes of international cooperation between two schools such as joint project and sctudent exchanges were discussed.