Third Project Meeting was held on 15 November 2019 in Zagreb, in conjunction with second WP4 working group meeting for development of joint qualification, which was held the day before. Meeting was held at the premises of the coordinator, P1- Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE). In addition to the general objectives of project meetings, main objective of this meeting was to prepare for the Interim Report.

In the beginning, partners discussed the preparation of the Final Report - financial and narrative part. The coordinator presented all the partners obligations regarding reporting.

Afterwards, partners reviewed implemented activities. Since the last meeting, partners signed the deliverable 2.3. Memorandum of Cooperation. In the scope of WP3, which is led by P5-CPU, working group developed deliverable 3.1. Guidelines for Research of Employers and Market Needs, which describes the process of research of employers and market needs to define key job tasks, skills and knowledge for the development of profile of qualification. The document described the methodology of research of the employers, the survey for employers and the structure of feedback report, which is to be drafted after the completed research. P5-CPU and P1-CCE were responsible for the implementation of the survey among 10 employers from engineering sector in both countries. Feedback reports from the both countries were unified in the deliverable 3.2. Research Report. Partners shared their experiences in contacting companies and interviewing them. Overall experience was generally positive; employers welcomed the project effort to update the existing curricula. In some cases it was harder to reach employers because of their schedule, which was one of the reasons this activity was prolonged. This Report will be the basis for writing the learning outcomes for the deliverable 4.2. Profile of Joint Qualification. Needs of employers will be translated into sets of learning outcomes needed to achieve during the education and training.

In September 2019, partners organized First WP4 Work-group two-day meeting, which was held from 19 to 20 of September in Zagreb. The meeting was hosted by P2- AVETAE, the lead partner of WP4. At the meeting partners started with the development of 4.1. Guidelines for Development of Joint Qualifications. Partners discussed the objectives of WP4, as described in project application, regarding expected work dynamic and outputs. Guidelines should define which documents should be developed and what will constitute the qualification profile - possibly some reports, a checklist to be completed etc.

Also, partners discussed the activities planned in the following project year.

At the end, the Project Steering Committee meeting was held where the preparation of the Final Report was discussed and the posibility of the changes to the work programme.