Second Project Meeting was held on 17 April 2019 in Ljubljana. Meeting was hosted by P5-Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije - Center za poslovno usposabljanje (CPU).

The project coordinator presented an overview of recent project activities since the last project meeting. Lead partners of the activities described the implementation process and presented ongoing activities and results. Institute Ivo Pilar implemented several activities and produced two deliverables: 2.1. Research methodology – a short guidelines which were the basis of a research of the state of-play of national qualification framework, and 2.2. Report on analysis of qualification frameworks.

Second session was dedicated to the administrative and financial project management and main requirements regarding cost reporting.

Partners discussed plan for activities in the following work package, WP3: Research of Employers Market Needs, and preparation of deliverable 3.1. Guidelines for research of employers and market needs.

This meeting was also an opportunity for a presentation of ECVET principles used in practice, by a professor from Upper-Secondary Professional School and Technical Gymnasium. He presented how the school organizes on-the-job-training and mobility for students, step-by-step, from initial definition of learning outcomes during mobility to assessment and recognition of experience gained abroad.