This document, developed by Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, provides information about the planned research activities for the overview of national qualification frameworks, i.e. detailed information about conceptual and methodological approach, description of methods, description of research procedure, analysis framework and description of approaches in stakeholders’ analysis. Such overview is precondition for activities in other work packages.
All the described activities are contextualized in the scope of the WP2: Analysis of Qualification Frameworks. General objectives of activities of this WP are to ensure the conceptual and methodological foundation of ImproVET project activities, and to provide basis for a research of the state-of-art of national qualification framework (NQF).
Key objectives of overall WP2 activities are the following:
- Provide a short overview of qualification frameworks and qualification development in Croatia and Slovenia (brief presentation and comparison)
- Analysis of the current situation in education, training and employment for engineering technicians in both countries

In the first part of the research, Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar will conduct desk research of relevant legal and strategic documents. All partners will provide their inputs – share information, practices and their experience and expertise related to the national qualifications framework, specially related to sector relevant for development of joint qualification. In the second part, P3 will conduct several interviews (in person and via e-mail) with key stakeholders (i.e. representatives from VET sector, industry representatives - employers, and experts from academic environment) in Croatia and Slovenia. Other partners will be included in the research and will assist in reaching out to key stakeholders.


The Research Methodology is available here.

Additionally, information obtained in the performed analysis is provided in the Report on Analysis of Qualification Frameworks.