The working group meeting of the WP3 of the Improving Skills in Vocational Education and Training - ImproVET project took place on 18 April 2019 in Ljubljana in the premises of Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije - Center za poslovno usposabljanje (CPU).

Development of the joint qualification will be largely based on the existing national and European tools and guidelines. This is why in this stage of the project it is important to gain full understanding of both systems and European policy. The common ground needs to be defined, for example, by research on both systems, comparison and considering the effective strategies in line with both systems. 

The main objective of the WG meeting was to establish some type of framework for defining main elements of the deliverable 3.1. Guidelines for the Research of Employers and Market Needs, i.e. to reach a common understanding on possibilities and methodology of the implementation of survey of employers to define needed competences for engineering technician. Guidelines will define qualitative and quantitative approach to research, target group and sample. Survey will be implemented by P1 and P5 in the following step, after the selection of employers in the engineering sector who employ engineering technicians. Description of the workplace, work processes and competences needed for this occupation is the basis for the development of qualification.

The meeting aimed at achieving the following:

  • Introduce the deliverable 2. Report on Analysis of Qualification Frameworks, including the methodology of the implemented activities, which includes
    • Assess the QF: similarities and differences and the SWOT analysis
    • Assess currently implemented methodologies for inclusion of employers
  • Stimulate discussion on experiences in implementation of QFs and in defining the competences needed for certain occupations
  • Stimulate discussion on experiences in the research of employers or other types of inclusion of employers in the development of qualifications
  • Learn from other partners/institutions directly involved in development of qualifications
  • Outline the main elements of the guidelines
  • Discuss project plans in terms of next steps, resource needs and responsibilities – and develop and refine indicators based on selected strategy
  • Find the best way to facilitate cooperation and support to partners in implementing their activity.