The working group meeting of the work package 4 of the Improving Skills in Vocational Education and Training - ImproVET project, was held on 19-20 September 2019 in Zagreb, in the premises of Agencija za strukovno obrazovanje i obrazovanje odraslih (ASOO).

During the meeting the results achieved in the work package 3 were presented. The first deliverable of the WP3, Guidelines for the Research of Employers and Market Needs, describes the methodology of research of the employers, the survey for employers and the structure of feedback report. The presentation of statistical data showed comparison between Slovenian, Croatian and European market needs regarding to the necessary VET qualification. The research conducted by Ivo Pilar Institute showed increased employers market need for technical VET qualifications. Mechanical engineering technicians are one of the most profitable professions that can be employed in many fields.

Furthermore, the presentations about development of qualifications profiles in partner countries were delivered by representatives of the Croatian Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education and the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training. The partners agreed that the structure of the Guidelines should include the following: Definition of qualification/joint qualification; key activities and documents to be created; define organizations and groups that will be responsible for each activity; provide a basis for quality assurance and final approval process.

All partners participated in open discussion identifying key issues and processes for the next project steps.

The meeting aimed at achieving the following:

  • Review the completed activities and open tasks in WP3,
  • Introduce the WP4 Development of Qualification Profile and deliverable 4.1. Guidelines for the Development of Joint Qualifications,
  • Stimulate discussion on regulation and description of qualifications in both countries,
  • Outline the main elements of the guidelines,
  • Establish a dynamic of group work.