As part of the Erasmus + ImproVET project partners from Croatia and Slovenia will develop a new vocational curriculum for mechanical engineering technicians which will be in line with the needs of the Croatian and Slovenian economies.

A prerequisite for the development of quality and relevant educational programs is a well-designed qualification, based on the needs of employers.

Changes at the level of workplace lead to the emergence of new demands for skills and the obsolescence of certain skills, which, in addition to technological development and innovation, has a significant impact on productivity, organizational structure, and profitability of the companies.

Employers play an important role in linking education to the needs of the labour market, which is why we conducted a survey of employers on the requirements of modern jobs, to define the key tasks that a mechanical engineering technician performs, i.e. the knowledge and skills that a person must have in order to successfully complete all the tasks entrusted. Partners Croatian Chamber of Economy and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Institute for business education visited twenty successful companies that employ mechanical engineering technicians and that are interested in ensuring a quality workforce.

Based on the research, the Agency for Vocational and Adult Education will develop a qualification profile for a mechanical engineering technician that will define the sets of learning outcomes that a student must adopt during school education and practical training. Based on the newly created qualification, schools in the project will improve the vocational curriculum, which will be completely adapted to the employers' needs.