The purpose of the Guidelines for the Development of Joint Qualification is to set out the framework to develop new or revise existing joint qualification at upper-secondary level of education. The guide sets out to describe the structure and scope of the joint qualification for a particular profession and provide tips/recommendations to secure the appropriateness of particular international qualification. This document outlines the four stages of developing qualifications up to their approval.

These guidelines are developed within the Erasmus+ project ImproVET and should serve as a reference document for organizations drafting joint qualifications, especially for quality assessment.

The framework defines the parameters within which joint qualifications can be designed. Specifically, it proposes:

  1. Instructions for analysis - provide reference points against which joint qualifications can be benchmarked and defined
  2. The key steps to be taken
  3. The structure, level and credit requirements for qualification.
  4. How to enable a common understanding of the characteristics and achievements under the qualification
  5. Basis for quality assurance during design process
  6. Framework for the stakeholders - organizations and groups that will be responsible for activities


Document is available in English, Croatian and Slovene.