ImproVET project team drafted deliverable 5.1. Guidelines for the Development of Joint Curriculum, proposal of methodology for development of joint qualification in VET. The purpose of developing joint curriculum guidelines is to set the framework for developing new or revising an existing curriculum in line with the national needs of the countries participating in the development of joint qualification. The modules should be relevant, focused on quality and efficiency and linked to the labor market in a way that enables students to acquire competencies for personal and professional development and to continue their education.

The activities proposed in these guidelines result in a joint curriculum which includes the scope of learning outcomes, list of learning outcomes, description of methods and forms of work, elements and forms of monitoring and evaluation criteria. In addition to the processes proposed in these guidelines related to the description of the curriculum elements, some additional preparatory steps need to be taken as a basis for deciding on the parts of the joint curriculum that can be developed and the content of units and learning outcomes. Curriculum topics need to be defined in regard to the steps that precede the development of the curriculum, which are the occupational profile and the profile or standard of qualification. Within the ImproVET project, proposals of methodology for collecting and analyzing data from employers on their employment, knowledge and skills needs necessary for the development of occupational profile and a methodology for developing a joint qualification were developed. The documents are available in the results section of the project website: