Fourth Project Meeting took place on 26 May 2020. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and all the containment measures taken at national level regarding travel, the meeting was held online via Microsoft Teams. Overall, 16 people participated from all partner institutions.

Main objectives of the project meeting were to review past and ongoing project activities and to introduce obligations regarding projects' Final report. Meeting started with the review of conclusions from the previously held online meeting on 22 April 2020, organized to agree on ongoing and planned activities and possible changes to the project plan due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Partners gave their update on present state of affairs and discussed project plans in terms of next steps, partners’ capacities and implemented national measures. Furthermore, partners discussed project management activities, quality management and dissemination, reviewed spending of costs up to this point and agreed on the plan of activities until the end of the project.

As it was announced by the national authorities that the border crossings between Croatia and Slovenia will soon open and it will be possible to travel without any conditions and restrictions, partners agreed to start the preparation for the organization of visit to the School Center Sovenske Konjice-Zreče and WP5 working group meeting. Partners discussed the following steps until the end of the project. P4-Mechanical Engineering School Faust Vrančić in Zagreb is continuing the development of three modules of the curricula for the mechanical engineering technician in cooperation with P7-School centre Slovenske Konjice-Zreče and other partners. Delayed visit to the School centre Slovenske Konjice-Zreče and WP5 working group meeting will be planned for the beginning of July 2020. Partners will propose a date.

In the next session, partners discussed activities in horizontal WPs regarding project management, promotion and dissemination and quality management and agreed on the activities to be implemented.At the end of the meeting, Steering Committee meeting was held. Steering Committee agreed to continue with the project activities and try to organize events by the end of the project according to the plan, if the circumstances will allow it.